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Toyota Hilux 2004-2015 40mm Lift Kit

Raw4x4 Toyota Hilux 2004-2015 40mm Lift Kit

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Upgrading you 4x4 suspension to a lift kit has many advantages, but ensuring that you choose the right components for your application is essential to the safety and performance of your vehicle.

New Zealand has some of the most demanding offroad terrains in the world.  In order for you to maximise your vehicle's performance in these conditions, your suspension system needs to be as aggressive as the terrain you’re driving.  The Raw 4x4 Lift Kits are designed and manufactured by Powerdown, an Australian owned and operated company with over 30 years experience in the heavy duty suspension industry.  Testing and R&D are a crucial element of the Raw 4x4 design process, Powerdown utilises their state of art facility with cutting-edge technology to refine the Raw 4x4 products ensuring you get the best performing lift kits available on the market.


Lift Kit Components:


Nitro Shock

The Raw 4x4 Nitro Shock has been designed and developed to perform in the most demanding conditions.  The shocks unique expanded body design allows for increased oil capacity making it more durable than similar shocks on the market.  The Nitro shock’s oil is combined with nitrogen gas which gives it superior cooling ability, while the large 35mm piston is designed with longevity in mind.  The combination of a multi-lip HNBR seal, high temp oil and low-pressure nitrogen dramatically reduces shock absorber fade. Ensuring your shocks have a secure connection to your vehicle while maintaining plenty of movement is crucial to your vehicle's performance, that’s why all Raw 4x4 Nitro Shocks are fitted with long-lasting polyurethane bushes.  The Nitro Shock is purpose-built to improve ride quality by reducing body roll and increasing stability giving you a smoother, safer ride. 

Coil Springs

Raw 4x4 Coil Springs are designed to travel offroad for long distances while carrying the additional weight of your 4x4 accessories such as bull bars, roof tents and extra equipment while maintaining your vehicle's performance, handling and safety.  By replacing your factory springs with matching Raw Springs and Shocks combo you’ll gain the advantage of having a fully integrated suspension system. Raw 4x4 Coil Springs are manufactured using X5K high strength steel wire that has superior resistance to sag.  The springs are formed using precision mandrels then shot peened, full scragged and load tested. Lastly, the springs are coated with a durable powder coat finish.

Leaf Springs

Leaf Springs play an important role in your vehicle's handling.  Not only do they support the weight of your vehicle but also act as a torque rod to stop axle wrap during acceleration.  Made from high-quality steel with anti-friction liners, the Raw 4x4 Leaf Springs have been designed to achieve the best possible ride for your 4x4 while increasing your ride height, load carrying ability and improving overall suspension travel.  The Raw 4x4 Leaf Springs feature high strength alignment clips with nylon insulators to reduce wear and noise, while the drawn tapered & diamond cut two stage leaf pack aids in load distribution over a larger surface area when the vehicle is heavily laden.


Heavy Duty Kit includes:

* Rear Shackle Bush Kit (SPF2670K, SPF2671K, SPF2672K) - x3

* Rear Leaf Springs (RL877) (0-200kg) - x1 Pair

* Front Coil Spring (RC-1695) (0-50kg) - x1 Pair

* Rear Spring Shackle Hangers (GSK389) - x2

* Rear Spring Shackle Pin (GPK695) - x2

* Rear Shocks Nitro (G6014Y) - x1 Pair

* Front Shocks Nitro (G6324) - x1 Pair

* Rear UBolts (U005) - x2 Pair



Toyota Hilux GGN, KUN25 / GGN, KUN26 2004-2015 40mm Lift Kit ( Coil Spring Front / Leaf Spring Rear )

* Backed by a 1-2 Year warranty

* 40mm lift kit


Extra options available at additional cost:

* Front Coil Spring (RC-1696) (80-100kg) - x1 Pair (NITRO/PREDATOR SHOCKS ONLY) ($40 EXTRA)

* Front Coil Spring (RC-2289) (50-80kg) - x1 Pair (NITRO/PREDATOR SHOCKS ONLY) ($20 EXTRA)

* Front Coil Spring (RC-2464) (80-120kg) - x1 PAIR (NITRO MAX ONLY) ($20 EXTRA)

* Front Coil Spring (RC-2298) (50-80kg) - x1 PAIR (NITRO MAX ONLY) ($20 EXTRA)

* Front Coil Spring (RC-2463) (0-50kg) - x1 PAIR (NITRO MAX ONLY) ($20 EXTRA)

* Front Shocks Predator Silver Body (PR324S) - x1 Pair ($246 EXTRA)

* Rear Shocks Predator Silver Body (PR327S) - x1 Pair ($170 EXTRA)

* Leaf Spring Rear (RL969) (400kg-500kg) - x1 Pair ($120 EXTRA)

* Leaf Spring Rear (RL878) (200kg-400kg) - x1 Pair ($60 EXTRA)

* Front Shocks Nitro Max (NM324) - x1 Pair ($136 EXTRA)

* Rear Shocks Nitro Max (NM326) - x1 Pair ($80 EXTRA)